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Stores and suppliers

Stores and stores that sell dental medical supplies are considered an essential source for doctors and technicians in the field of dentistry.


The list of dentists is a list of information about doctors qualified in the field of dentistry.


Dental laboratories are specialized technical facilities that manufacture and restore various dental appliances and prostheses according to the directions and designs of dentists.


Online appointments
List of dentists

A specific regulation of dentists is considered necessary to regulate medical practice and ensure that health care is provided with high levels of quality and safety. The list usually includes information such as the doctor's full name, specialty, academic qualification, professional experience, license, additional training, and contact information. These regulations are issued in accordance with the requirements and legislation of the health regulatory authorities in each country or region. The regulations are an important reference for patients looking for qualified doctors to meet their dental health needs

Booking appointments online to visit dentists has become a popular and preferred option for many patients due to its ease and convenience. By booking online, patients can schedule a visit to the dentist at any time that suits them, without having to wait in the clinic or call the phone.

The process of booking appointments online depends on the electronic booking system available in the doctor’s clinic, where patients can enter the clinic’s website or the designated mobile application, choose their preferred doctor, and schedule the appropriate visit time.


List of laboratories
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These laboratories are a vital part of the field of dentistry, as they contribute to improving oral and dental health and enhancing the quality of life for patients. The work of dental laboratories depends on the use of advanced technologies and high-quality materials to produce accurate, durable and aesthetic dental implants. The scope of work of these laboratories includes the manufacture of dental crowns and bridges, artificial teeth, dental implants, orthodontic devices, and removable dental prosthetics, in addition to cosmetic and restorative fillings.

The dental laboratories team consists of skilled and trained technicians, who have experience and skill in the field of the dental industry. They work in collaboration with dentists to understand patients' needs and ensure that designs and treatments are carried out accurately and effectively

Dental laboratories are distinguished by their dedication to providing high-quality and accurate services, and meeting patients’ needs in the best possible ways. These laboratories also seek continuous innovation and development, by pursuing modern technologies and scientific research in the field of dentistry

In short, dental laboratories play an important role in improving overall oral and dental health, providing innovative, high-quality solutions to meet patients' needs and improve their quality of life.

Stores and suppliers

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These stores offer a comprehensive range of products that include everything dental professionals might need, from small instruments to large medical devices.

Supplies that can be found at dental supply stores include the following.

Hand tools: such as medical instrument handles, forceps, saws, surgical suckers, and other surgical tools needed by doctors and dental technicians.

Protection and safety equipment: such as medical masks, medical gloves, goggles, protective clothing, protective masks, and other safety equipment necessary to maintain the safety of the medical team and patients.

Operating and sterilization materials: such as sterilization and disinfection materials, medical solutions, and other operating materials that are used to clean and sterilize medical tools and equipment.

Dyeing and composition materials: such as resins, polishes, dental composition materials, and other synthetic materials used in restoring and beautifying teeth.

Imaging and diagnostic equipment: such as X-ray machines, digital imaging cameras, and other dental examination devices that are used to diagnose teeth and gum problems.

Clinic equipment and furniture: such as medical chairs, medical tables, medical lighting devices, and other medical furniture necessary to equip and equip the dental clinic.

Advertising platform

The advertising platform for buying, selling, hiring or training is an electronic platform that aims to provide a virtual environment for users to display and sell their products and services, as well as publishing available job and training opportunities.

Ordering and delivery services

The express delivery service via an application for dental products is a service that aims to facilitate the process of obtaining necessary medical supplies and products for dental professionals.

Helping professions

Informal professions constitute an essential part of the foundations of the dental sector. These professions depend on craft skills and technical expertise, and provide essential services to this sector on a daily basis.

Ordering and delivery services

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This service provides an easy and convenient way to order the necessary equipment and materials without having to go personally to stores or shops. Among the advantages it provides is the express delivery service via an order from an application for dental products

For speed and efficiency: Express delivery service provides quick access to ordered products, making it easier for dental professionals to obtain supplies in the shortest possible time and efficiently.

Convenience and flexibility: Dental professionals can order the required products from anywhere and at any time that suits them, without having to make a trip to purchase the necessary medical materials

Savings and diversity: The express delivery service application provides access to a wide range of various medical products and supplies that dental professionals may need, with the ability to compare prices and available offers

Safety and reliability: The express delivery service provided by the applications provides guaranteed access to high-quality and reliable medical products, ensuring the safety of dental professionals and the quality of care they provide to patients

Customer Service: The express delivery service application provides technical support and customer service around the clock, making it easier for dental professionals to resolve any problem or inquiry quickly and effectively

In this way, the express delivery service via an application for dental products is an excellent option for professionals in this field to save time and effort and achieve the best results in practicing their profession efficiently and easily.

Advertising platform

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This platform is considered a central place for communication between sellers and buyers and between employers and those seeking work or training opportunities. Using the advertising platform has several advantages, including

Broad reach: The platform provides an opportunity for users to reach a wide audience of online browsers, which increases the chances of selling products and attracting interest in advertised jobs and training

Ease and flexibility: Users can add their ads easily and quickly, and edit or delete them as needed. It also allows them to search for suitable offers according to their needs comfortably

Low cost or financial freedom: Some platforms allow posting ads for free, while allowing sellers and businesses to reach new customers at a lower cost compared to traditional advertising

Save time: Instead of casually searching for jobs or goods, users can quickly browse and filter available offers based on their own requirements, saving time and effort

Interaction and communication: Using the advertising platform provides an outlet for interaction and communication between sellers and buyers or between employers and job seekers, facilitating effective negotiation and transactions

Advertising platforms for buying, selling, employment or training play an important role in facilitating business operations, enhancing communication between individuals and companies, and providing new opportunities for users to achieve their goals and improve their economic or professional situations

Helping professions

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Informal professions play a vital role in maintaining the economic and social structure, meeting the diverse needs of society, and providing job opportunities for many individuals in various sectors.

We provide a useful tool that makes it easier for people to easily find local professional services. This site aims to provide a comprehensive database that includes a variety of informal professions, such as carpentry, plumbing, electricity, cleaning, home repairs, transportation, and other technical services.

The site organizes the data in a systematic way, as professions are divided into different categories for easy searching and browsing. Users can search for the professions they need using keywords or by browsing the lists dedicated to each category.

When the desired occupation is found, users can easily find contact information, including phone numbers, email addresses, and possibly their websites if available. Users can also rate and leave comments about their experiences with the services provided, which helps others make the right decision

Individuals can access a wide range of informal services and professions easily, without the need for long searching or relying on random advertisements. This website is a central platform that provides users with an effective way to find the required services and communicate with service providers quickly and easily

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